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Beyond Birth Living Library

Beyond birth, a living library

Beyond Birth Living Library

This programme is set up to help parents who have had unexpectedly difficult or challenging birth-related experiences and need support after leaving the postnatal ward or maternity care. This support can be accessed anytime between 8 weeks to one year after the birth.

We are also able to assist grandparents who would like the support of another grandparent.

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parents supporting parents

Need support?

Beyond Birth Living Library offers

a peer support programme for parents.

Wish to support?

Become part of Beyond Birth Living Library to

offer support to other parents.

Peer support is a very valuable resource. There is something really healing about shared understanding.

- Mother (survey)

Parenthood is hard. Society has lost the set up of providing a village but it's still needed! First-hand experience is more important than theories!

- Mother (postnatal clinic)

There is a huge need for support of new parents. It is a lonely and challenging time and lots of pressure put on you to ‘do things right’.

- Mother (postnatal clinic)

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